Why I Write

A writer is a world trapped in a person. -Victor Hugo

If you, the reader, are anything like me, you have a story to tell. Stor-ies to tell. I have ideas, plots, characters, conversations and little exchanges. I have from entire trilogies planned in my head to barely one scene from a story.
I have trouble expressing myself, figuring out how to put what I feel and think into words that others can understand. 

Here’s to not giving up until I do! Happy weekend WordPress!


Expanded Universe and Cartoons

Maybe it’s just me but cartoons are getting more complicated. It seems that cartoons now have an overarching plot, and an expanded universe with history and character back story.

I was thinking of the plot structure in such cartoons as Adventure Time and Steven Universe. They start off small, simple characters, simple stories and often filled with goofy antics. As the episodes progress, the world becomes bigger, deeper and scarier. We learn about the past, about deception and death. We learn more about those we called family, and how they are not so one-sided. 

I think this kind of “unfolding” story is popular because the progression of the story mirrors growing up. That is, as we grow up, the world becomes more complicated. Gone are the days of simple yes or no, good guys, bad guys and the world becomes more intricate, indiscernible, and often, darker.

These sort of stories are a type of “rites of passage,” which I like a lot. Trouble is that everything is so dark. I feel like stories have to be dark to be liked. Regardless, I like how these kinds of stories start of small and expand and develope. I’m excited to see how they evolve over the years. 

Maybe one of my own stories will leave a mark. 🙂

ISWG Writing Contest

“What is ISWG?” you asked yourself. It stands ofr Insecure Writers’ Group.

It’s this group I found on Facebook. I like it because everybody is open and non-judgemental. It’s a safe zone for learning and putting yourself out there.

They are currently hosting a writing contest, ending 10/31. I thought to myself, “this is my chance!” I had an idea in the back of my head that I told myself, “If I ever enter a writing contest, I’m using this idea.”

While writing, I was concerned about the word count. 5000-6000 words. I worried, “I won’t have enough! I’ll have too much!!” I stopped myself. “Don’t worry. Just write.” (Good slogan for a coffee mug. Patent pending!)

I finished my story and began editing. Then I noticed the word count was over 9000… I didn’t know what to do! The story was solid! I couldn’t cut anything out! 

So I decided not to enter the contest. The due date is in two days, I can’t write another story that fast and I don’t want to change the great story I already have, just for a word count.

Tough decisions, but I’m sure there are other writing contests out there. Let me know of any!

I’m Back

I left my blog directionless and have returned slightly more directionful (as much as a wandering tortoise can be).

I wanted my blog to be a “hodgepodge” of writings, about travel, food, writing, books, movies, observations and thoughts. I had big plans.

And, it wasn’t received so well. I guess I was trying to do too much.

I’ve decided that this is my writer’s blog. I’ll talk about my writing, things I’ve learned, my observations on story crafting from movies and books, and I would love to meet other writers too and learn from you all.

The wall

I have been writing this story for, what will be a year in October. I finally wrote it all out. All of it about a month ago. I was overjoyed.

Now, I’m reading it again and I’m displeased with it. It feels jumbled and disconnected. I am not happy with it.

I feel so disorganized.

Does anyone have any tips? How do you organize your thoughts and drafts?


The Olympics are amazing. I’d watch them more if I had cable. Since it’s a popular topic I would bring it up to make small talk.

I asked one lady if she was watching the Olympics. She said no and expressed that she disliked them because, the athletes compete to be best in the world. She thought that was dumb, “best in the world,” because any noob could get lucky and be “best in the world.”

I didn’t want to start an argument, or insult her (she was a nice older lady) so I dropped it.

Being a writer, though, I can rant about her to my audience.

I decided on two points in my made-up argument with her in my head.

The first, is that Olympians train like crazy. They train at their sport more than we work at our full-time job. Take swimming 100m freestyle, for example. The qualifying time for the Rio games was 48.99 seconds. You don’t get lucky and just so happen to beat that time. You train as hard as you can. I believe that most games are the same way. These athletes don’t win out of luck, they win by hard work and determination.

The second, is that winning is a percentage. Just because someone trains like crazy, doesn’t guarantee a win. There’s a chance a noob could win, albeit small. Maybe their leg cramps, or they get light-headed and swim the wrong way and the noob has time to swim to the finish. It probably won’t happen but it could.

Look at a card game. Sure you might know the game inside and out, you might even know you’re opponents inside and out, but there’s still a chance that you could lose. 

The probability exists beyond card games. In sports, fans track a players stats, based on their history of successes and failures. In basketball, a professional player makes a free throw, but there’s still a percentage that he will make it or miss it. 

When playing games, when competing, one examines the odds of winning. In poker, Texas Hold ‘Em specifically, a professional can see what the odds are their opponent has a certain hand. They then base their decisions by playing those odds. But it takes a pro to even realize what the chances are.

The Olympians, and anyone that competes in any game, find themselves at the crossroads of odds, chances, percentages and hard work and determined training. Training doesn’t guarantee a win, nothing can, but the more somone devotes time and energy to perfecting their game, the more the odds of wining increase.

Introverts and Extroverts 

I am an introvert.

My wife is an extrovert. She is the life of the party. How is she feeling? Don’t worry, she’ll let you know. Have you met my wife? She is quite unforgettable.

And here I am, introverting.

I was thinking about introverts and extroverts. I don’t think anyone is 100% introvert or extrovert but rather, we all fall somewhere on the spectrum.

Being an introvert and living with an extrovert is all the background I really have in this study of tempermants.

I noticed that an introvert can be the life of the party, enjoy small talk, not be a bookworm and be aggresive.

An extrovert can be shy and enjoy quiet, alone time.

The difference between these two tempermants is: their reactionto people. An extrovert gains energy from people and social situations. An introvert spends energy in these environments.

These past five days or so have drained me. My brother-in-law came to town with his fiancee, who we met for the first time. My brother came for a day. An old family friend visited too. My bro-in-law and his fiancee are stillhere, staying at our house. I work all day talking to people on the phone.

My little introverted self is drained of energy.

I like people. I like talking to people. Sometimes I just need some time to myself and whether you’re introverted or extroverted, everybody needs a break. My break just so happens to include alone time.