My awesome vacation

My awesome vacation

My wife and I went on vacation for a week.

As a good blogger, I probably should have updated while I was vacationing, not after. That, to me, is the biggest change I the internet since I was in high school. Back then, it was, “Hey! Look what I did!” Now, “Hey! Look what I’m doing.” Devices connected to the internet no matter where we go contributes a lot to this.

As a new blogger, I’m summarizing what I did and in the weeks to come, I’ll write posts reflecting on the trip. It’ll make more sense when it happens.

Anyway. Vacations are great. If you haven’t gone on one lately, you should.

What we did

We flew to Orlando to go to Universal Studios and, more specifically, see the new Harry Potter Diagon Ally. My wife is a big Potter fan and I am too, although she knows more than I do and has read the books about a dozen times. I’ve read the books twice.

The dragon is real… I mean it blows REAL fire.

Then we rented a car and drove from Orlando to Savannah, GA. We made a quick, impromtu stop at Saint Augustin to see the Castillo de San Martin. Did you know, Saint Augustin is the oldest city in our nation? It was founded by the Spanish and then, after a bunch of stuff, and a few centuries,the USA aquired it. I got my National Parks Passport stamped. :]

The Castillo de San Martin. Super old with lots of history.

Savannah is a small, charming, southern, port city. The buildings were pretty and we went to Paula Deen’s restaurant, The Lady and Sons. I tried shrimp and grits and a low-country boil and we went to Savannah’s Candy Shop. We saw a monument to John Wesley who started Methodism in Savannah. Cool right?

John Wesley, just starting a religion. No big deal.
The Talmadge Bridge over the Savannah river.
The Lady and Sons. On Congress St if you wanted to know.

We then drove to our nation’s capitol, Washington DC, the land of taxation without representation. They put that on their liscense plates, which, as I was kid, found odd. And still do.
We saw the sites, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Congress and the White House. We went to the Smithsonian Museums. We went to the Air and Space, Native American, History of America and Natural History Museums. I think it’s great that these museums are in our capitol and are free. I think it shows that as a nation we value (or should value) life-long learning.

I personally really like the Washington Monument.
I found a chronometer at the Air and Space Museum. This handy device revolutionised sea travel back in the 1700’s.

I finally tried Max Brenners too. I LOVE chocolate so much that my wife says I’m more of a woman than she is.

A baked hot chocolate. A chocolate cake with peanut butter on the bottom, topped with chocolate, whipped cream and caramel.

We saw the IRS office. Poop-tards.
Then, we flew home.

The post-vacation 

…is usually depressing. After the “high” of vacationing going back to the grudge and routine is awful.

But not this time.

This time, I came home excited. I was ready to do better and work and devote more time to my aspirations as a writer (hence me writing this).

On vacation we didn’t relax much. Our mindset was that of, we only have a week, a have to do as much as we can. It’s why we were at universal studios for two days from 9am until 10pm. It’s why we drove 8 hours straight from Savannah to dc. Skipping sleep that night. It’s why we woke up automaticallyaround 7am everyday.


Life is great. We have to take advantage of it before it escapes. 

The London part of the “new” Harry Potter park.