I’m my upcoming three posts, over the course of a week to two weeks, I will be talking about books. Three books– actually five books.

First, I finally finished The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I tried to read them as a kid, and I failed miserably. Here I am, fourteen years later, and I finally read them. I just want make a single post about some thoughts I had about the book.

Next, is 30-day Author, by Kevin Tumlinson. Tumlinson talks about the challenges that authors face when trying to write and how feasible it is to write a book in 30 days (or less).

Lastly, is Jeff Gerke’s, The First 50 Pages. This book talks about the craft of writing and what needs to be done within the first fifty pages to impress editors, publishers and readers.

Am I talking about The Lord of the Rings and these two author books because I think I can be the next Tolkien? No. I don’t think Tolkien knew he’d be famous or that his book would launch the fantasy genre. He just had a story to tell.

I have a story to tell too. Maybe 200 million copies will be bought worldwide. Or maybe not. I read these author books because I want to portray my story in the best way possible. 

And if people like it, that’s just a bonus.