I am an aspiring author, like everyone and their dog on WordPress. I was trying to figure out what to do with this blog when it hit me today.


Yep, good old-fashioned rants about stories, whether in video games, movies, TV, books, comics or any other medium.

To start off I was thinking about one reason I like Lord of the Rings. In the Two Towers Frodo and Sam are headed towards Shelob’s Lair (not Sheldon’s lair you stupid autocorrect).

They know it’s a bad idea. Neither one trusts Gollum or Sméagol. But there’s no other way.

Faramir warns them extensively. Don’t they know the danger within? Well the danger via the Black Gates is to great. There’s literally no other way. 

The situation is explained better in the story, but I like how it’s not a weak, built in defense and I like how they characters think and challenge what is around them. They don’t just accept circumstances or events because it helps the plot move or the author didn’t think it through enough. Instead, they are proactive.

Overall, the sad acceptance that the pass through Shelob’s Lair is the only way, after thinking about it, talking about it, receiving warnings adds to the desperation of their quest.