ISWG Writing Contest

“What is ISWG?” you asked yourself. It stands ofr Insecure Writers’ Group.

It’s this group I found on Facebook. I like it because everybody is open and non-judgemental. It’s a safe zone for learning and putting yourself out there.

They are currently hosting a writing contest, ending 10/31. I thought to myself, “this is my chance!” I had an idea in the back of my head that I told myself, “If I ever enter a writing contest, I’m using this idea.”

While writing, I was concerned about the word count. 5000-6000 words. I worried, “I won’t have enough! I’ll have too much!!” I stopped myself. “Don’t worry. Just write.” (Good slogan for a coffee mug. Patent pending!)

I finished my story and began editing. Then I noticed the word count was over 9000… I didn’t know what to do! The story was solid! I couldn’t cut anything out! 

So I decided not to enter the contest. The due date is in two days, I can’t write another story that fast and I don’t want to change the great story I already have, just for a word count.

Tough decisions, but I’m sure there are other writing contests out there. Let me know of any!


I’m Back

I left my blog directionless and have returned slightly more directionful (as much as a wandering tortoise can be).

I wanted my blog to be a “hodgepodge” of writings, about travel, food, writing, books, movies, observations and thoughts. I had big plans.

And, it wasn’t received so well. I guess I was trying to do too much.

I’ve decided that this is my writer’s blog. I’ll talk about my writing, things I’ve learned, my observations on story crafting from movies and books, and I would love to meet other writers too and learn from you all.