The 30-day Author and the First 50 Pages

​I am an aspiring writer. I have never published but I write daily and someday soon I’ll publish.

As such, I read material, blog posts and books, in order to improve my craft. I believe that understanding how to write a story, how to present your ideas and how to craft a narrative, are crucial ingredients in making a story, in conjunction with good and creative ideas.

However, that’s not enough. How one treats their writing habits determines their writing outcomes. That is, do you write when you have time, don’t bother editing or cleaning up writing and leave numerous projects unfinished? Or do you write daily, make time to write, set daily word count goals or daily time goals l.

With so much pressure on your plate (I am definitely mixing up my metaphors), it can be daunting to even write.

I came across two books that I whole-heartedly recommend to every writer. They have added clarity and direction in my writing journey. They are The First 50 Pages by Jeff Gerke and 30-day Author: Develop a Writing Habit and Write Your Book in 30 Days by Kevin Tumlinson.

The First 50 Pages

Gerke’s is about the craft. An editor can tell whether or not your book is good within the first 50 pages. A reader can judge what the book is about, the genre and whether it’s something that will interest them, or not, from the first 50 pages.

It reminds me of the college days and writing papers. The introduction of the paper is the most important part. It let’s your reader know what to expect.

Gerke address developing characters, writing the inciting event, creating a setting and finding the most fitting first line.

In a word, it is about crafting a story.

30-day Author 

The second, 30-day Author, touches more upon the business side of writing. For the longest time, my writing schedule was, “when I have time I’ll write.”

Tumlinson’s recipe for writing success is easy, “sit butt in chair and write.” He goes into more detail, inviting readers to find our why and to tell ourselves daily affirmations to keep focused. He talks about writers block and more importantly how to create a daily writing habit, through journals and blogs to warm-up, and then, working on the story. In this way, he never experiences writer’s block.

Together, The First 50 Pages and 30-day Author, discuss and absolve what was deterring me from writing. The First 50 Pages helped me understand how to write an engaging story and 30-day Author helped me realize a writing habit in my day-to-day life.

I highly recommend both to anyone interested in writing.


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