Marvel’s New Super-villian: Donald Trump

Basically, it’s Donald Trump.

Okay, his villian name is M.O.D.A.A.K., Mental Organism Designed as America’s King, but his face is the same and he’s building a wall between Mexico and the USA. So who do you think it is?
He makes an appearance in Spider-Gwen Annual #1. It came out June 28th and when I heard about it, I had to buy a copy.

So $3.75 later and after half an hour of reading here’s what I have.

Background: feel free to skip 

For those of you wondering, Spider-Gwen is in another timeline of the Marvel Universe, where Gwen is bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter. The comic book is eccletic, jumping from one brief story to another, one about how Uncle Bill wasn’t shot, being saved by Gwen and another about the Koala Kommander.

Also, in this version of Earth, Earth 65, Steve Rogers was the artist behind the Captain America series. Samantha Wilson is Captain America and having read the comics, and recognizing them as her adventures confronts Steve.

Then comes Trump

Sam is perturbed about her life in a book and questions free will. While Steve is explaining how crazy the world is, but how fortunate the world is to have superheroes like herself, we see a Trump-like figure commanding “foreign filth” to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. As he says, “must make America-” Captain’s iconic shield bashes him in the forehead. Captain is there to stop, as Steve puts it, “enemies that look and think and act too much like the demons in my mirror.” As Captain hits more villains, Steve narrates, “this nation’s anger and greed and fear are still very real, Cap…but thank God, you are too.”

What do I think?

I think it’s funny. I mean, I’m not here to sway you to one candidate or not. I just think the idea of a Trump villain is hillarious.

Disagree with someone? Make them a villain in your story. It’s great!

Deeper than that though, at the beginning of this chapter, Captain America remembers how her father loved the bible. She rebelled and studied everything. She envies her father now because, “in the end it didn’t matter if dad’s beliefs were right or wrong. They gave him a world that makes sense.”

After Captain’s statement and how she starts fighting Trump and his minions, I think the story is about doing what you think is right. She envied her father’s stability in a world that is in a war of words, chaotic and insane, and, like her, all we can do is follow what we think is right.


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